20 Realistic New Year Resolutions (with a progress report)

Back on 1 January, I made some promises to myself.  I wanted to update you on my progress.

Make more of my time.  Partially improved, now with a better morning routine.

  1. Spend more time with family.  This has definitely happened with one holiday and regular trips to see my parents.
  2. See more of old friends.  Not completely there yet but I have reached out to more people.
  3. Achieve my MBA.  Enrolled on the final two modules starts this May.
  4. Visit a new country.  No, though I did visit Venice, Italy for the first time in 20 years.
  5. Go hill walking more.  Fail, not a sausage.  Renewed effort this summer.
  6. Book Mountain Leader Training.  As above, need the experience.
  7. Read one book each month.  I have read 9 books since Jan from cover to cover and have another 3 in various states. I am rather pleased with this.
  8. Ironman Distance Triathlon.  Training has stalled massively and this may need to be on next year’s list.  A weakness I know but sometimes it is worth knowing what can be achieved.
  9. “Screw it, just do it”.  Mantra has been with me throughout my career transition.
  10. Eat more healthily.  Achieved through until March when it has gone downhill. Another to start afresh and with renewed vigour.
  11. Give up cookies. Linked to the above, only twice have I broken the seal.
  12. Review finances.  Completed and I have other new tasks to do because of it.  It has meant we are now paying down our mortgage more quickly and making more with less.
  13. Grow chillis.  They are growing fast and need to be repotted.
  14. Start a new university course.  Completed my first module in April 2016 and the next one starts this November.
  15. Garden more.  Easy habit and well prepared for Spring / Summer 2016. We have garlic, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, chillis and much more besides.  All really easy to grow.
  16. Throw out old things.  We have managed one cupboard and I have given up console gaming.
  17. Go camping.  Not achieved yet but looking forward to summer.
  18. Secure a new career.  In progress.  6 months to go.
  19. Cycle 100 miles.  I have planned for one better.  Land’s End to John O’ Groats in the UK for this summer season.

Next up, make 35 challenges before I reach 36 years of age.  I can’t remember this one but it sure makes a good next blog post.

What about you?  What progress have you made on your goals for this year? If you have written some, how about just start writing…


Believe in being better

I have worked both as a leader, follower and manager and understand the importance of relationships to make things happen. What do I mean by this? I believe in:

  • being able to stand up, when all around you appear lost.
  • doing the right thing, on a difficult day.
  • allowing the plaudits to be taken by those around you but stepping forward to represent when things go wrong.
  • focusing selfless commitment, the moral courage and determination to see things through, no matter the personal cost.
  • becoming a better person and in gaining greater knowledge so that others around can also benefit.
  • knowing that I do not have all the answers.
  • looking beyond the mountains in front of me to see the clearing beyond, and notwithstanding,
  • developing a better version of me.

These are things I stand for and will be judged against.

What do you believe will make you better?

mark in afghan